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TUNNEL Kitchen white

Tunnel Kitchen. The two-row layout makes efficient use of the narrow space and makes the elongated kitchen comfortable. Compactness is one of the main advantages of this type of kitchen layout.

Classic yet trendy!

The CHOBANOO COLLECTION adapt to any kitchen design, from classic to contemporary, thanks to its shaker style and matte white finish.

Also available as complete kitchen sets, our cabinets will easily suit your space and budget as well.

Extremely durable, the cabinets are made of MELAMINE and the doors of MDF, a very solid and resistant material that will extend your cabinets’ life.

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W331524 – Two-door over-the-fridge cabinet W33x H15x D24 – amount 1 p.

W2430    –   Two-door wall cabinet with two shelves W24x H30x D14 – amount 1 p.

W3012    –  Two-door over-the-stove cabinet W30x H12x D14 – amount 1 p.

W3030   –   Two-door wall cabinet with two shelves W30x H30x D14 – amount 2 p.

W2730   –    Two-door wall cabinet with two shelves W27x H30x D14 amount 1 p.


DB18   –  Three-drawer base cabinet W18x H34.5 x D24 – amount 1 p.

SP09 (Pull Out)   –  W09xH34.5 x D24 (without mechanism)

BX30   –    Two-door base cabinet with one shelf W30x H34.5x D24 – amount 1 p.

BX30   –    Two-door base cabinet without shelf W30x H34.5x D24 – amount 1 p.



Wall panel – 30×14 – amount 2 p.

Base panel – 30×26 – amount 2 p.

Wall filler panel – WF3 30  – amount 1 p.

Base filler panel – UF3 30  – amount 1 p.

Filler panel fridge  – UF3 85  – amount 1 p.

Panel fridge – 85×26 – amount – 1 p.

Crown moulding – CM 5.5x3x110 – amount 3 p.

Kick – 4.5×110 – amount 2 p.


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